The company creates all kinds of music scores in Japan. We offer musicscores essential in many scenes from recording, television program,concerts to orchestra performances.


Products & Service

1.Score Copy

Do you know what score copy is? As the words mean, score copy is to copy the original score. It might seem easy, however the world of score copy is very deep.
When listening to a fantastic orchestra performance at concert or on a television, look in front of each player. Do you see the scores the performers are following? Our job is to make those essential scores for each instrumental part.

The music composed by Beethoven, Mozart or modern music composers usually come as a full score in which all the parts, instruments and vocal, appear on the same page. The formation, the lines for each part are apparent in the full score, just like a table of performance. However, the full score is confusing for each player, for one has to follow ones own line out of many other lines of different instruments. Thus a part score which consists of lines only for a particular instrument is required. The process of preparing scores for each instrument is our job, called score copy.
The job of score copy is often hard pressed for time. We are under strict time limit, for example, the live broadcast of the television, or time limit of the stadio reservation. Addition to it, each score is full of characteristics of the arranger or the composer. Skill of score copy requires not only the preciseness and the speed, but also consideration for those characteristics. This isn’t possible for the computers, only our specialists are! We shall introduce this score copying process through actual job flow of ours.

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2.Music typesetting

In a broad classification,l music typesetting is categorized under score copy. Music typesetting is a score making process for publication. It is different from the scores for performance and requires neatness, for it is printed and published. Until these days, this whole process of making a block copy is done by craftsman, drawing staffs, using stamps, referring to each notations. Recently, the development of hardware like the personal computer and printer, arrival of high quality score producing software have taken the craftsman's place. The score typesetting service is offered at the related company Craftone Inc. that specializes in publication and printing.

Company Profile

Company name Tokyo Hustle Copy Inc.
Establishment 1973.10.15
Paid-up Capital \10,000,000-
Address Postal code 107-0052
#111 Akasaka residential hotel,
9-1-7 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Telephone +81-3-3478-3969
Facsimile +81-3-3401-3140
Chairman of the board Yoshitaka Sasaki
Sectors Craftone Inc.
Sasaki firm
Number of employees 45
Services Making score copy and printing of music scores, designing magazines and books, planning and arranging of the illustrations, photographs and copies. Gathering information for holding events. All kinds of services related to above.

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